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The objective of this scheme is to provide an assurance of the validity of the photometric data published by manufacturers when describing the performance of their lighting products.

A manufacturer participating in this scheme will be required to undergo a thorough inspection of their Laboratory in order to verify the adequacy of the photometric equipment, documentation and the technical competence of the staff to carry out photometric measurements using far-field gonio photometers.  A manufacturer who meets the requirements will be permitted to describe their Laboratory as a ‘LIA Laboratories Registered Photometric Laboratory’.  LIA Laboratories will ensure, by regular inspection, that the quality of the measurements made by a ‘Registered Laboratory’ is maintained at an appropriately high standard.

TSD-003 Scheme documents
TSD-003 Gonio photometry scheme document

The LIA Laboratories' technical scheme document details the requirements lighting manufacturers must fulfil in order to work towards certification.

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