This certification scheme independently measures and verifies the safety and performance of lighting products, lamps, modules and luminaire fixtures against the manufacturer’s performance claims.

The scheme firstly verifies basic safety then initial “performance verification” of manufacturer’s specifications and packaging claims and then “life” verification to 2,000 hours.

Products meeting their claims and scheme requirements are entitled to carry the LIA Laboratories' Verified Certification Mark.

The scheme operates in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust (EST) who permits the use of the ‘Energy Saving Trust verified’ brandmark on all compliant products.

Getting your products independently verified will give you confidence and your end user peace of mind with regards to your product's performance.

TSD-004 Scheme documents
TSD-004 LIA Verified scheme document

The LIA Laboratories' technical scheme document details the requirements lighting manufacturers must fulfil in order to work towards certification.

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